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Latest Features from the Asian Development Bank
  1. Competitive PPP arrangement can mobilize additional sources of funding and financing for infrastructure.
  2. 中华人民共和国(中国)贵州省贵安新区的智能交通系统采用了以人为本的设计原则,从而有助于减少污染、缓解交通拥堵,提高道路交通安全。
  3. A human-centered design approach is helping deliver an intelligent transport system in the city of Gui’an, People’s Republic of China (PRC).
  4. The project seeks to increase gainful employment opportunities for women and the poor.
  5. Enhancing Rural Livelihoods and Incomes Project (ERLIP) aims to improve productivity and enhance livelihoods through a community-driven development approach.
  6. In Myanmar, ADB and JFPR have joined forces to support 87,000 households in their efforts to improve productivity and enhance livelihoods through community-driven development initiatives.
  7. FAST TALK speaks to Anne–Birgitte Albrectsen, the CEO of Plan International, about the transformative shift in recent years from treating young people as passive beneficiaries to active participants and partners in development.
  8. Climate change and disasters threaten the long-term sustainability of development in Asia and the Pacific. The region has experienced a significant increase in the number, intensity, and impact of extreme weather events.
  9. FAST TALK chats with Prof. Isaac Ehrlich, University at Buffalo School of Management Distinguished Professor.
  10.   The Tolo Wind Power Project represents a new frontier in Indonesia’s quest to increase renewable energy generation
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