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  1. A transition to clean energy such as solar can help Cambodia address some of its development challenges.
  2. Affordable homes in Uzbekistan's rural areas are providing local women with security and stability, as well as access to mortgages and business loans.
  3. Fiji's road network is being repaired and upgraded to improve mobility, safety, and climate change resilience. The Asian Development Bank is helping finance work that is boosting trade, tourism, and education.
  4. Asia is rapidly urbanizing. Asia's cities must find sustainable ways to fund key infrastructure over many years.
  5. ADB provided the Philippine government a $300 million loan to develop a senior high school curriculum in 2015, and approved an additional $300 million loan to support secondary education reforms from 2019 to 2023.
  6. Access to low-cost financing with limited collateral requirements has inspired many women to start family businesses in the beautiful Maldives. 
  7. With the support of the Asian Development Bank, Norway, and other donors, the government in Nepal is improving electricity distribution and efficiency, working to end the country’s energy crisis.
  8. The Malolos-Clark Railway Project will be ADB’s biggest project in the Philippines and will cut travel time from Clark to Metro Manila to less than 1 hour from the current two- to three-hour travel by bus.
  9. Sights and sounds from the 52nd Annual Meeting of the ADB Board of Governors held in Nadi, Fiji, from 1 to 5 May.
  10. Rapid growth in mining and cross-border trade is putting a strain on existing infrastructure in Mongolia's South Gobi region. The Government with ADB support is now working to improve urban infrastructure and services.
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