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  1. ADB has teamed up with local organizations in Vanuatu to boost urban development and promote sustainable fishing.
  2. ADB and the Government of Papua New Guinea promote partnerships with local and international NGOs to bring rural primary health care services.
  3. In Nepal, a network of service centers is helping women feel more comfortable reporting gender-based crime and domestic violence.
  4. Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Noeleen Heyzer, shares her thoughts on what goes into making successful women leaders.
  5. Nanum Jeon, ADBI Research Associate, details her work to strengthen ADBI capacity building and training for developing countries, her interest in labor migration issues, and plans for further study.
  6. Nella Hendriyetty, ADBI Senior Capacity Building and Training Economist, explains her capacity building and training priorities, the benefits to developing member countries, and her joint work to promote infrastructure development.
  7. Peter Morgan, ADBI Senior Consulting Economist and Vice Chair of Research, describes his role in leading ADBI’s research agenda, what he finds most rewarding about his job, and his focus on advancing financial inclusion.
  8. ADB is working with civil society organizations in Timor-Leste to offer vocational skills training to reduce unemployment and promote development.
  9. Tourism in the Pacific is increasing and a key driver of economic growth. In Palau, recent internet connection upgrade is helping promote the island country's tourism industry.  
  10. Green bonds are an increasingly viable option for investors in Asia, like pension and superannuation funds, looking to get involved in green sustainable financing.
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