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  1. Climate Change and Sovereign Risk describes how climate change could significantly impact sovereign risk and fiscal sustainability in Southeast Asia and other highly climate vulnerable areas and offers policy recommendations.
  2. In July this year, the Nepal Resident Mission organized the Business Opportunities Seminar (BOS), which it had done annually since 2012. It was held through online conference platform taking into account restrictions against group events. The ongoing pandemic will not stop NRM from undertaking one of the most important activities in ADB’s project management cycle.
  3. Doing business in the Pacific is hard, but sweeping reforms carried out by the Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI) are breaking down the barriers to business in the region. 
  4. АБР помогает защитить население своих развивающихся стран-членов в Центральной и Западной Азии, предоставляя жизненно важные материалы медицинского назначения и средства индивидуальной защиты, используя 12 миллионов долларов США в виде грантов.
  5. ADB is helping protect the population of its developing member countries in Central and West Asia by providing lifesaving medical supplies and personal protective equipment using $12 million in grants.
  6. As we celebrate the World Statistics Day, this video highlights how the Asian Development Bank is contributing to strengthening the capacity of national statistical systems to compile trustworthy data.
  7. The once-in-a-century event of COVID-19 has upended our lives and the return to normality can only happen via a safe, effective, and widely distributed vaccine.
  8. ADB has supported the introduction of medium-term expenditure framework in the School Education Department of West Bengal to provide quality and affordable education across rural and urban areas of the state.
  9. ADB has supported the introduction of medium-term expenditure framework in the Health and Family Welfare Department of West Bengal to ensure efficient healthcare implementation.
  10. Demand is rising for data that can provide more nuanced views of poverty and facilitate more equitable distribution of development resources.
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