As a Trans National Developer's Consultants client you benefit from the depth of our expertise and the international development projects of our Directors and our business experiences and relationships worldwide.  With more than 35 years experience in consulting and business and more than 25 years serving the Middle Eastern and ASEAN community, we understand what it takes to bring projects to a successful conclusion and what it takes to make our clients market leaders.

Areas Of Specialization:

  • Agricultural Development
  • Educational Policy/Planning; Economics of Education; Educational Finance & Higher Education Management;
  • Free Trade Zone / Free Economic Zone Development
  • Forestry and Silvaculture
  • Human Resource Development (HRD) & Human Resource Management (HRM) in Developing Countries;
  • Institutional and Organizational Development; Strategic Policy, Planning & Implementation;
  • Project Management, including Project Planning & Design; Project Monitoring & Evaluation;
  • Socio-Economic Analysis & Statistical Surveys.
  • Telecommunications
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